Temperature and humidity play important part in the manufacturing process of textile yarns and fabrics. The properties like dimensions, weight, tensile, strength, elastic recovery, electrical resistance, rigidity etc of all tectile fiber whether nature or synthetic are influenced by Moisture Regain. Some physical properties of textile materials which is affected by is given below: Strength of COTTON goes up Elongation %ge goes up Increases the production etc.


In this process air form atmosphere is drawn from the Blower and diffused to form cyclone and comes direct contact with fine water droplets in the bottom of the shell, further the air enters to the middle chamber through the perforated plate and pass through stack of wet balls which gives high surface evaporation, than after third chamber is water shower, finally there is high Heat and mass transfer between water and air, the humidity ratio increases, the air gets saturated Max.up to 98%, and the remaining water is recirculated through the water pump, installed to the sump end. The dry bulb temperature falls almost near to wet bulb temperature, thus cooling effect.
The sensible heat is decreased as the temperature goes down but the latent heat goes up as the water vapour is added to the air. Thus it is transformation of sensible heat. During this process the enthalpy of air remains same.

Perkins Combo Cooling System, has numerous advantages over conventional: 1). Very high saturation efficiency Max.98%. 2). The chamber is completely built up of PPGL + FRP, No rusting and long life. 3). Mixture of spray & surface evaporation give high result. 4). Blower is running in Dry ambient condition. 5). Air passes thru three stages gives high air- filtrations 6). Occupies less floor space for large Air volume. 7). Easy maintenance & can use raw ground water. 8). These systems can be used in re- . circulation mode adding one re-circulating . in-line fans. 9). This evaporative cooling system can be . used for similar industries such as food . processing, engineering, chemical, . Cement, power stations etc.

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