The Spray Evaporative Cooling systems, water are pumped thorough specially designed NOZZELS (Wide orifice Nylon Clamp-on type), which forms thin water film of 500mm dia. The hot ambient air cross thru, this film and loose the temperature. Thus the desired temperature and humidity can be attained by number of banks of nozzles. The cool air is separated from mist by specially designed PVC Mist-Eliminator.

These air washers are available in both Sheet fabricated (Single Skin & double skin with puff-insulated type) and masonry construction. The water tank in SS-304/FPR lined. All the components used in air washer in non- ferrous material only. The saturation efficiency ranging from 65 to 99% can be achieved depending upon the banks. The equipment is designed to maintain room temperature 28- 32 Deg. Cel, and 65%-85% RH. These are specially used in Textile industry, Power Generation Halls, Cement Plants etc.




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Spray Type Air Coolers

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