We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the prospective end – to – end company undertaking and executing Industrial Ventilation Project on a turnkey basis. We at Perkins Blowers Co. provide for customized solutions of air handling and ambience conditioning requirements. As part of our responsibility, we provide for a complete Ventilation projects from scratch to finish such as Case study / understanding the requirements, Designing, Engineering, manufacturing, sales, installation and commissioning and also provide for a good after sales services of the equipments.

Evaporative Air Cooling & Dust Proofing System:

An evaporative air cooling is a process in which fine water mist is added or by surface evaporation thru wet coagulated special paper media with high dense 7mm Flute inclined at 45°to the ambient air. This evaporation/adding water maximum to saturation limit of hot air. The temperature of the air can be cooled near to its wet bulb temperature. This process is also called humidification’s. In spray type air-washer,  the fresh filters water is compressed with high pressure liquid compressor and discharged thru fine orifice nozzles to form fine water mist which easily evaporates and cools the air. The cool air attains high moisture, which can be controlled by humidistat automatically or manually manipulating the valves.  Maintaining RH% less than 75% best for human comfort also electrical appliances can run continuously in this atmosphere. Higher RH is normally used for textile applications or industrial process humidification’s.

Multi-Stage high efficiency air filters, 40 to 5 Micron with 85-95% efficiency. These filters are re-usable, can be cleaned by portable blowers or washed by clean water. These clean air gives healthy atmosphere to the shop floor, also gives good life to the evaporative media.

Latest technology in centrifugal blowers of low pressure back curved blade series fan installed prior to air washer chamber having remarkable performance over conventional. This can handle large quantity of air with low pressure drop. Secondly having low noise at the diffusers, less floor space, more life to the blowers, motor & drive set. These fans are low RPM, V-Belt driven type Fanner make drive set with shaft EN-8, grounded and hard-chrome coating surface give no rusting. Excusive double ball bearings of NTN/FAG make for continuous duty applications.

To have comfortable and healthy atmosphere inside the hall,  good air circulation and exhaust shall be maintained. This can be achieved by circulative fans  and exhaust fans mounted to the roof or walls across the supplies . The cross ventilation is best i.e. from one side or corner the fresh air should enter and the other side or corner the air should leave. Cold & fresh air should enter near to the target and release from height.

The enclosures of air washers are available in Galvanized Sheet Steel, Stainless Sheet Steel & Aluminum Sheet Steel, fully Insulated from inside. Heavy-Anti-vibration pads provided to the base. High quality Polyester Powder coated finish 120-150µ thk. All the panels are folded type which helps in maintenance. The base of the enclosure is coated with FRP give long life.


Air coolers (Industrial)

Product Details

1). Wet Cellulose Pad (Paper) Coolers

2). Spray Type Air Washers

a). High Quality FRP Shell Type Construction.

b). GI Sheet Steel Enclosures Type Construction.

c). Masonry (Civil) Type Construction

  1. Wet Cellulose Pad (Paper) Coolers are normally constructed in GI sheet steel construction, with SS-304 Sump and top gravity distribution system. A high quality cellulose pad (100 & 200mm Deep) with top distribution pad made out of paper media, which carry/absorb large quantity of water drifted thru top distribution system. Slowly evaporates to high stream of air passing thru flute arranged in 45°. This air lose its temperature and provide comfort to men & machines zone.

A re-circulation pump draw the water from the sump and lift to top gravity distribution system, which gradually drift the water to the pad and thus continuously this pad get wet. A High Efficient, low pressure Centrifugal Blower / Axial Fan places in the enclosure (Normally DIDW type Back Curved Blades), V-Belt Driven arrangement with reputed make Motor (3Phase/AC- ABB/CGL/Rotomotive Make) supply air thru ducting (Insulated / Non-Insulated) to the cooling space. (Enclosure Base is FRP Coated).

Centrifugal Blowers available in CS (Epoxy Painted), SS-304, Aluminum Sheet.

An evaporative cooling system is to be installed in a production area building.

Assuming Ambient conditions : 44°C & 18% RH (Relative Humidity)

Assuming Space to be cooled  10 Mtr. x 10 Mtr. x 4 Mtr.(Height)

Estimated cooling load : 21000 K Cal / hr

Max. allowed inside temp. : 32°C, 65-70% RH to space.

The pads are selected at 2.5 M/Sec, 8″ thick and at 80% Saturating Efficiency Condition of Air Leaving

Approx Air Quantity would be required 12000 CMH (Cu. Mtr/Hr)

Adding load of say 10KW = 8600 K Cal/Hr need 5000 CMH air to cool.

Therefore finally Air cooler capacity 12000+5000= 17000 CMH

Water required is 120 Ltr/hr.

Air Cooling Types

Spray Type Water Cooling  and Wet surface Evaporation and Combo Air cooling

Application: Industrial cooling such as Shop Floor , Machines , Panel room etc

Farming , Commercial Building , poultry  forming

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